About Bana

Nowadays finding top talents with effective soft skills is much more difficult for companies and it is a high-cost experience for a startup. Bana Talent Accelerator is an ideal solution for both startups and companies which seek “Top Talents with effective soft skills”. During a three-month acceleration program, our team helps university students to develop self-knowledge and choose their role model.

They will get the chance to be introduced to the most granted people and organizations in Iran’s entrepreneurship ecosystem. They will attend enrichment workshops and will share workplace experience. All these services will be provided along with a real project which will be monitored and observed in the process.

At the end of the program, there will be a “Talent Day” in which all the interested HR managers and recruiters are welcome to get to know our trained Top Talents with effective soft skills who can assist them in achieving their goals. All the university students, HR managers, and recruiters are invited to pre-register for our programs.